Setting Information

Around Stillwater

The game will begin play in a small border town called Stillwater far on the eastern edges of Anaewen. Above the town, on a hill to the southeast, lies an old garrison comprised of a three story tower, remnants of a wooden barricade, several collapsed and rotting wooden structures, and surrounding that a small four foot tall wall built of rocks that has fallen down in places. The tower has laid empty, unused for almost fifty years. To the north of town is Stillwater Lake, named for the extremely calm weather of the region. Beyond the lake both to the north and the east lies the Untamed Wilds, heavily forested land that has barely been explored. Loggers gather wood from the edges of the Untamed Wilds for fencing and building as the wood is extremely good quality for crafting. The land to the west of Stillwater is open plains. Farmhouses dot the landscape every few miles growing a mixture of grain, corn, beans, and melons. To the southeast lies a small but often avoided bog named Fugeth’s Demise after a tanner that used to hunt crocodiles for their hides. There are still a few who hunt there but the work is dangerous and the land emits a foul smell. It’s easy enough to tell when one of the summer storms is coming, as the wind blows up from the southeast bringing the smell of the bog with it to Stillwater. To the south lies the easternmost region of the Lower Wilds, rolling hilly landscape with sporadic groves of oak.


Important Places and People of Stillwater

The Burly Boar – This is an inn and tavern owned by Gregor and Magetha Stephens. The name, as Magetha tells any and everyone who spends time there, is the name she gave Gregor after he began courting her almost twenty years ago. He of course hates the storytelling but proudly welcomes anyone that enters using the full name of the bar. Gregor is a large man with a full black beard with slight tinges of gray, partially bald on top. He’s usually seen wearing a grease smeared apron over his round belly, carrying a flagon in one hand while he works. He’s an odd sort but he’s very sociable, able to get a chuckle from about anyone. He’s masterful in the kitchen which draws a large number of people for around mealtimes. Magetha is a motherly woman. Similarly to Gregor, she’s very cheerful and excessively polite. She and Gregor never had children so she’s always doting over the kids in town, whether that be finding some small task for them to do around the place to earn a couple coppers, cleaning them up after they scrape a knee nearby, or making sure they have a hot bowl of soup on cold winter days. She’s a larger woman with curly almost reddish-orange hair and a pale skin tone, usually she keeps her hair tied back.

General Store – No fancy name here. The general store is run by an older man named Victor Barnabas. Victor is practically blind, though he has spectacles, as well as hard of hearing. His grandson Daniel Barnabas helps him run the store. Daniel is in his late teens, stories Victor tells makes it sound like Daniel’s parents sent him to Stillwater to keep him out of trouble with other kids, while the stories Daniel tells makes it sound like his parents thought Victor could use someone keeping an eye on him. Victor is often seen sitting on a rocking chair in front of the general store, often times talking to himself. If not there, he’s usually inside sitting at a stool behind the counter snoring. They keep the shelves stocked with most goods anyone in town could want for, and if they don’t have things on hand they can always put in an order. They have a regular supply wagon that stops by every 2 weeks which also serves to pickup (and drop off) any mail that may be heading west.

The Trading Post – This is a large building used for various things. Every day, with Saturday having the highest turnout, is an open market with traders and farmers coming from all over to sell various wares; anything from livestock, vegetables, grain, hides, to specialty goods and antiques sold by merchants that come to town. These are goods not typically found at the General Store. On any given week the goods that are offered vary based upon attendance. The gathering is becoming moderately popular and smaller villages within a couple hours ride have started consolidating trading to Stillwater. The building is also used as a meeting place for the town when necessary. The owner is a shrewd businessman named Jacob Parr. He travels often, leaving the management of the business in the hands of his son, Joshua Parr.

Magistrates Office – Lord Willam is often out of town, settling disputes and dispensing justice is left in the hands of Magistrate Henry Gooden. Constables Robert Mills and Alex Durnham report to the Magistrate and handle any crime within the town limits. The magistrates office has a holding cell as well as several offices. Henry is a simple, but likeable guy. He intervenes with things only when he is forced to and tries to ensure the town is kept free of violence. The largest crime he’s had to preside over was a case of someone selling a remedy for illness that turned out to be cow urine. Robert Mills is a typical tough guy. He’s loud, nosy, and tends to cause more problems than he solves. Alex is truly the diplomat of the bunch. He’s talked more than a few irate drunkards down from fights. Often times, those situations are caused by Robert getting into the face of travelers who aren’t intimidated by his small town antics. With Alex around Robert isn’t too much harm, and he’s proven himself to be loyal, honest, and he is moderately trained with a sword. The only person other than Alex who seems to be able to talk him down is Gregor, who late one night knocked him out by hitting him with a wooden club. Robert was well past drunk and he took a mandolin from a bard and started trying (horribly) to play it. When paying customers started leaving the Burly Boar, Gregor tired of Roberts antics pretty quickly. Now all it takes is a stern look from Gregor to shut Robert up.

History of Stillwater

Almost fifty years ago the garrison that was being used as a simple border outpost was abandoned when all troops were called to the front lines of the Kingsblood War. A soldier named Donovan Willam who was previously stationed at the garrison was granted nobility for successfully rallying troops and defending Sentinel Hill, a watchpost in the Vale of Tears, after the fall of his commander. Willam asked for, and was granted, rights to the land surrounding Stillwater Lake. He used the money he was awarded to build the town instead of building a manor for himself. Eventually he did build a manor, though it is nothing as extravagant as other nobles have. Though he has passed on, his son Bryant is now lord of the land. Lord Willam spends most of his time at court in the city of Presona and typically only visits Stillwater once a year during the harvest season to preside over the festivities.


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