Ezra Urúvion (Oo-roo-vee-on)


My family were traders, good ones.  One of the few Eladrin traders that managed to bribe the right people and smuggle goods pasts checkpoints so we could continue to do business along the coast of Tirinoth.

This arrangment worked for a hundreds of years.   Until we were sold out.  I don't know exactly how it happened.  My father, my three brothers, and myslef were on a trading voyage.  Basically the whole family cause, you see, my mother had passed on shortly after my birth.  I am the youngest.  

Back to the voyage, somehow they knew we were coming and knew exactly where to look for us. They were ready and we weren't; the ship and the crew, including us, were captured.   We were all shackled and marched, a long ways, to a slave trading village. 

A couple years of hard labor followed.  Then one day, as luck would have it, we escaped.  That's a story for another day.

We hooked up with some halflings.   Some of which had a small part in our exodus from slavery.  We stayed with them for a bit.  My brother Uwe, the eldest, managed after some time to return to our Eladrin hometown, retrieve what wealth our family had left there and return.   This took a bit of time but we weren't really doing much of anything.

The Jist?  We were starting over in this new world. My father used the money Uwe returned with to start a small farm, trading post, and inn.  He used some of the money to marry off my three brothers.  They had some kids, they grew up.   We all pitched in to get things rolling.

This little outpost we created happened to be close to an old hermit wizard named Noah.  He taught me alchemy, which was the only reason my father wasn't in an uproar about me apprenticing to an old hermit wizard.

After a bit of time my father started sending me out to sell potions that Noah or myself made.  I traveled around selling potions, nicnaks, and anything else my dad could get his hands on.

After a bit my father put me up in a town called Stillwater.  I basically do his bidding buying, selling, negotiating trades and such for the family business, the Urúvion Trading Company.

Ezra Urúvion (Oo-roo-vee-on)

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